Septic System Design

Mitchell Environmental provides precise, innovative septic system designs coupled with recurrent interaction with regulatory personnel to help our clients achieve their site development goals.

  • Surface application system design
  • Sub-surface septic system design 
    • Conventional systems (gravity & pressure manifold systems)
      • Low-pressure pipe (LPP) systems
        • Subsurface drip systems
          • Pretreatment systems
            • Remote systems
              • Flow equalization systems
              • Large systems (churches, industrial facilities, community centers, ect.)
              • ​Septic system failure analysis & repair system design

Our ​Services

GPS & GIS Mapping

Mitchell Environmental provides GPS and GIS mapping services to maximize data reliability and usefulness for our clients. We use equipment and software capable of sub-meter accuracy which is acceptable to the US Army Corps of Engineers and the North Carolina Division of Water Quality (DWQ) for mapping jurisdictional features such as wetlands, surface waters and riparian buffers. Our mapping services are also very useful for soil evaluations, septic system designs and environmental investigations.

We can analyze and manipulate multiple layers of geographic information. We combine AutoCAD and GPS data to produce digital maps and other geospatial products.

  • Septic System Design
  • Phase I ESAs
  • Wetlands & Buffers
  • Stormwater BMPs
  • Soil Suitability Evaluations
  • Flood Hazard Soils
  • GPS Mapping

Environmental And soil consultants


Environmental Site Assessments & Natural Resource Investigations

Mitchell Environmental provides a variety of environmental investigations as required for site development and regulatory approval/compliance.

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • Endangered species
  • Protected species and habitats

Soil Evaluations

Mitchell Environmental provides soil evaluations as required for on-site waste treatment and disposal systems (soil suitability evaluation​), flood hazard soils delineations and stormwater BMP designs.

  • Septic system suitability evaluations
  • Recommend appropriate septic system options
  • Flood hazard soils
  • Hydraulic conductivity testing
  • Surface application system loading rate reports (water balance)
  • ​GIS & GPS mapping 


Mitchell Environmental provides stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) design services in compliance with various federal, state and municipal regulations.

  • Level spreaders
  • Extended detention/stormwater wetlands
  • Bioretention basins
  • Wet & dry detention basins
  • Infiltration basins/trenches
  • Sand filters
  • Vegetated swales & filter strips

Wetlands & Buffers​

Mitchell Environmental provides the following services in accordance with federal, state and municipal wetlands, surface water and riparian buffer regulations:

  • Wetland and surface water delineations
  • Stream origin determinations (ephemeral, intermittent or perennial)
  • Riparian Buffer delineations
  • Coordination of US Army Corps of Engineers jurisdictional determinations
  • Coordination of NC Division of Water Quality (DWQ) riparian buffer determinations
  • Impact & CAMA permitting assistance
  • Wetland, surface water and riparian buffer quality assessments
  • Wetland, stream and buffer mitigation design and monitoring
  • Site development consultation
  • GIS & GPS mapping